How To Order From Our Website

February 1, 2020

Step 1: You have located our website at, now you need to Sign In or Create Account for GrazeCart. Located in between the homepage header and Pablo’s head are two links to Sign In or Create Account. Click on whichever one applies. Let’s pretend you need to setup an account, so click on Create Account.
Step 2: Enter your zip code to see if we service your area. For example, our home base is located within the 56085 zip code, so we would input “56085.”
Step 3: The website will alert you if we are or are not in your area. We can ship in the regional area, so let’s continue to pretend we service your area, and you are in the “56085” zip code. Prompts will ask for your email, a password to secure your login to the grazecart site, name, and select your closest option for pickup. Again, let’s choose “Sleepy Bison Acres.” When logged in to your website account, you will return to the home page.
Step 4: In the top left of the heading; there will be a “Shop Now” tab, click that to browse the products we have available.
Step 5: Select desired product to purchase. For this example, I will use 5 pound of Ground Bison, 2 pounds of Bison Breakfast Sausage, and 2 pounds of Bacon. Click desired amount of each using toggle arrows and add to cart. Note the average size weight of each item desired is listed next to the item if it is sold by weight. If the item is sold by the package, it will just list the price below the item. The subtotal of your shopping cart will add up in the top right corner of the page next to the picnic basket icon.
Step 6: You’ve selected everything you would like and are ready to complete your purchase. On the top right, click on the Checkout > icon. At checkout, the number of items will be detailed, and GrazeCart will ask for you to verify information, such as your address and phone number if we should need to contact you. GrazeCart can save your info for future purchases if you click the box below before continuing.
Step 7: Add your Credit Card. GrazeCart utilizes the online vendor Stripe to complete the purchase transaction. This allows us, the farmer, to manually charge you for the real weight of the product after we package and prepare it for shipping or pickup. You have the comfort of knowing the item you go to pick up or be delivered to you is paid for.
Step 8: After completing Step 7, there will be an Order Summary page. This is your last chance to look over your order and give any special instructions necessary or concerns before actually placing the order. When your order is satisfactory, click the “Place Your Order” icon below.
Step 9: Thank you for your Order! You will receive an update of your order as it is packaged. Note the pickup location where you will need to be to pick up your order, the date of pickup, and the approximate total of the transaction. Remember a 1 pound package of ground bison averages 1.03 pounds, which means this total is approximate until we have packaged your specific order and charged the account accordingly. In this example, the 1 pound package of ground bison is approximately $10, and after it is packaged, Farmer Craig or Farmer Elizabeth charges your account for the real weight of the ground, in this example 1.03 pounds at $10 per pound=$10.03. If you would like to see more details, click on the More Details link, and an overview of the purchase is provided.
Step 10: Please give us time to process your order accordingly. For items in stock, we expect a 1 week lead time for deliveries shipped through our local SpeeDee. For pickups and Drop Points, the times and days will vary as needed. Feel free to communicate with us as needed.
Step 11: Receive our product, look it over, let us know how it looks, and tastes. Enjoy! We love to hear how it tastes what you made, and if you have any recipes for others to enjoy on the website!
We appreciate you and your support. Sincerely Your Farmers,
The Fischers

Craig Fischer
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