Our Farm's Story

Get Big, or Get Out we were told. We decided we  should "Get Different."We started Sleepy Bison Acres to raise our own food, and have healthier options. Our goal as land managers is to regenerate the land for our own health as well as the benefit of future generations. We discovered we can regenerate our land and produce great tasting, healthy food from happy animals at the same time. Our animals roam their pastures; our bison graze like they did long ago, our pigs are pastured in the woods, so they naturally taste wonderful without the stink, and our chickens produce those wonderfully vibrant orange "farm colored eggs" as they are able to forage as they please through the yard and the pasture.  All grains used for the animals are locally sourced, most of those being non-Gmo crops grown on our family farm. The Fischer family has been farming in the area for 5+ generations, and incorporates no-till and cover crops to rebuild our soils and build nutrient dense products.

We also work with the Sleepy Eye Brewing Company and Sleepy Eye Coffee Co to utilize their spent grains as feed for the animals  that would otherwise go to waste. We then turn that waste product into a healthy protein to benefit the community. 

We believe every customer has a choice. We trust our animals to feed our young family, and we would be honored if you chose to do the same.

We love working with restaurants and creative food service professionals.

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