60 Pound Bisork Bundle

60 Pound Bisork Bundle

Meat Bundle
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Have we gone bisork? 

The ultimate mix and match dream for bison and pork lovers. 60 Pound bundle of bison, pork, and bison/pork sausage products. 

60 Pound Bisork Meat Bundle mixed with approximately:


10 pounds Fresh Pork Brats(10 pkgs)

10 pounds Ground Pork(10 pkgs)

4-12 oz Pork Chops(2 pkgs)

4 Pounds Bacon (4 pkgs)


10 Pounds Ground Bison(20 pkgs)

3 Pounds Bison Roast (1 pkg)

4-6 oz Bison Steaks(2 pkgs)

Bison/Pork Sausage Products:

3 Pounds Bison Summer Sausage (2 pkgs)

3 Pounds Dinner Sausages (2 pkgs)

3 Pounds Bison Hot Dogs (2 pkgs)

3 Pounds Bison Breakfast Sausage (3 pkgs)

Processing costs are included in the bundle price.