2023 Half Pig Deposit

2023 Half Pig Deposit

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Interested in purchasing a half hog for our 2022 harvest? 
We're not raising a stink, but our pork is delicious, just ask our customers. Food security, raised in the woods with a rotational grazing system unique to our area, these pigs live a happy, happy life.
Send in your reservation and reserve your spot in the 2021 harvest with a $100 deposit. Deposit total will be reduced from final meat cost. Approximate hanging weight for a half fall pig is 100 pounds x the rate of $2.00/ pound hanging weight.
Typical take home yield for a typical harvested pig is around 70 lbs of meat. Summer pigs tend to be a bit smaller than fall pigs.

*While we typically request orders be secured by April 15 of 2021, the year 2020 has shown that food security is can be fragile, and planning ahead with your local family farmer is a good way to secure your food supply.

Processing is a separate cost from the meat bill paid to the farm. In 2020, state inspected summer and fall processing was done at Odenthal Meats by New Prague, and custom fall harvests were done at Schweiss Meats in Sleepy Eye. Approximate processing cost is $155 per half hog. 

All remaining pigs for 2021 will be processed at Odenthal Meats near New Prague, or Carlson Meats in Grove City, which are MN State and USDA inspected.