1/8 Bison- Ready for Pickup

1/8 Bison- Ready for Pickup

Eighth Bison
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Bison Short Ribs- 1 Package

Bison Soup Bones- 1 Package

Arm or Other Roast- 1 Package

Chuck Roast- 1 Package

Ribeye Steak- 2 Packages

New York Strip Steak- 2 Packages

Tenderloin Steak- 1 Package, 2 Steaks

Sirloin Steak- 2 Packages

Stew Meat- 1 Package

Stir Fry- 1 Package

Steak Tips- 1 Package

Ground Bison- 13 Packages

Total Weight approximately 30 lbs*30 lbs of meat will take up approximately 1 cubic foot, or the inside of a standard Fridge Freezer