1  Dozen Large Eggs-Pastured, Non-GMO, No Soy

1 Dozen Large Eggs-Pastured, Non-GMO, No Soy

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Picking these eggs is like an Easter Egg hunt for us every day, as our hens happily free range around the homestead. The chickens can range on our chemical free pastures as they please. We have found they are below average flower gardeners...

When the pastures are growing, the eggs will have a deeper orange color as they consume forage that contains beta-carotein. This indicates the nutrient density of the egg. The deeper the color, the more nutrients it contains.

No antibiotic, steroid, drug free, and humanely raised. 

Egg colors can vary. The green eggs are laid by the boys' chickens. They plan to use the income from those eggs to buy more farm animals of their own.