2020 Pre-Order Whole Bison

2020 Pre-Order Whole Bison

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Interested in purchasing a whole bison for our 2020 harvest? 

Regeneratively grazed with a rotational grazing system unique to our area, these bison live and thrive on our grasses.Send in your reservation and reserve your spot in the 2020 harvest with a $400 deposit. 

Bison may take an extra year than beef to produce, which makes it that much more important for reserving your spot on the harvest list. Secure your order by submitting your orders before March 1. Comes with first come first serve option for the bison hide and/or skull.

Deposit total will be reduced from final meat cost. Approximate hanging weight is 500 pounds. Rate is $5.50/ pound hanging weight.Processing is a separate cost from the meat bill paid to the farm. In 2019, processing was done at Odenthal Meats by New Prague. Approximate processing cost is $450 for a whole bison.