2023 Bison Half Deposit

2023 Bison Half Deposit

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Interested in purchasing a half of a bison for our 2023 harvest? 

Regeneratively grazed with a rotational grazing system unique to our area, these bison live and thrive on our grasses. A deposit of $200 reserves a spot in our 2023 harvest for you. Bison are currently being harvest year round.

Comes with first come first serve option for the bison hide and/or skull.

Deposit total will be reduced from final meat cost. Average hanging weight is 325 pounds. Rate is $5.50/ pound hanging weight.

Processing is a separate cost from the meat bill paid to the farm. The majority of our bison processing will be done at Odenthal Meats by New Prague. Approximate processing cost is $300 for a half bison.